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What Our Clients Say About Us

Excellent Divorce Attorney

I hired attorney Podgorny for my divorce. He was very understanding of my financial situation and reduced his rate from $350.00 per hour to $200.00 per hour. He kept me up to date on all matters and even let me know when it was necessary or not necessary for me to be in court. He carefully explained his strategy toward the case and was even accurate in stating we would "win some of the battles and lose some of the battles of the case, but the idea was to win the overall war." He was always prompt to court, knew the law and remained professional in and out of the courtroom. When the case was finished, he kept his word and refunded the unused money in my retainer. I highly recommend him.

The Most accurate view of this lawyer.

Some of these other reviews were done by people with a personal problem toward Jim and I know this for a fact it was an attempt to attack his reputation because they lost a case against him..... my case was handled fairly well he helped me get a good settlement and was fair and efficient about it..... ignore the lesser reviews as they are attempts to degrade his reputation. He was a good lawyer for me and even took 10% more of his share off of the settlement to give it to me which proves he is not in it for the money. He was patient and even with my fumbling around he managed to still win the case with minimal but adequate evidence backing it as I could not retrieve it all my self. He is a good lawyer in my opinion.


He helped me to get my daughter out of a terrible situation with an unstable mother. He kept me informed of things that were happening. I'm glad I switched from Jeffery Leving's office, who has a terrible staff working for him, to Mr. Podgorny's office. Mr. Podgorny really cared about what happened with my daughter. He's a nice guy.

Attentive to Detail

Have used Mr. Podgorny on a few matters. He is professional and courteous. He remembers what the goal is and is interested in the case. He has always kept me well-informed and accomplished the task needed.


I've had the pleasure of having Jimmy represent me while buying my first home. Not only was he incredibly thorough, patient & professional but also went out of his way to help every chance he could. I can't speak higher of this man! Hire him!!! You will not be sorry!!!


Mr. Podgorny has represented me and my business for several years as well as being my representative on a personal injury suit. He's ALWAYS there when he's needed. He's a decent, honest, and caring attorney and I'd recommend him to anyone in need of his services. I promise you will be happy with his work ethic.

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