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Adoption is a wonderful way to have a positive impact on the life of a child. When you decide to adopt, you start an exciting, new journey for your family. You also embark on a winding legal road with many potential hurdles to overcome.

At Law Office of James A. Podgorny, we know how to navigate that complicated journey. We will work with you each step of the way to ensure the adoption process is as smooth as possible and that there are no potential changes after the adoption is final.

Can I Adopt a Child?

That is the first question potential adoptive parents have to ask. In Illinois, you are able to adopt a minor if you are:

  • Single, married, in a civil union, separated, or divorced
  • Already have a child or children, or are not currently a parent
  • Show an ability to handle the extra expense of a new child or children, and that your home has suitable room for the addition

In Illinois, you do not need to earn a required monthly or annual income amount to adopt a child. You must only display the desire and ability to provide a loving and satisfactory environment for them. The Law Office of James A. Podgorny can help you prepare for the critical, in-person interview with the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) or the adoption agency. These interviews are designed to assess your parental aptitude and living situation. We will help you prepare to make a great first impression. 

How Do I Adopt a Child?

There are numerous avenues for adoption in Illinois, in which the Law Office of James A. Podgorny can assist, including:

  • Stepparent and other related adoptions
  • A private adoption, in which you and a parent or parents directly agree on terms
  • Adoptions via DCFS, which reimburses for adoption-related attorney fees
  • An adoption through one of the 35 Chicago-area adoption agencies, including those who specialize in international adoption

You will want to secure skilled legal representation before starting the adoption process. The Law Office of James A. Podgorny can file your adoption petition and eventual certificate of adoption while providing up-to-date information on the status of your adoption, so you can get ready for the arrival of your new family member with less stress.

Birth Parents and Family Members

Regardless of the method of adoption you choose, when the birth parents' parental rights are irrevocably terminated, you can decide if your adopted child should have a relationship with their birth family. Many child development experts believe children should maintain a connection with their siblings and birth parents if they are separated by adoption. Also, it is estimated that 50 percent of adopted children who do not have a relationship with their birth parents eventually search for them.

Each situation is unique. The Law Office of James A. Podgorny can help you map out the best course of action, including a visitation plan for blood relatives if you think it is in the best interests of your child.

Contact an Orland Park Adoption Attorney

The Law Office of James A. Podgorny values its role as a trusted advocate for adoptive parents and children. Our goal is to help facilitate your adoption and make it as easy as possible. To begin the adoption process in Illinois, contact an Oak Forest family lawyer at 708-448-5297 for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout Oak Lawn, Will County, Joliet, Crestwood, Palos Hills, Worth, Alsip, and Burbank.

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