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When you negotiate a divorce decree, or matters within it are decided by the court, the goal is to provide a long-term framework for ex-spouses to operate, sustain themselves, and care for their children. Even the most diligent preparation cannot predict all of life's outcomes, however, and sometimes, modifications become necessary.

Additionally, when a divorce is finalized, the expectation is that both parties will live up to the provisions in the final decree. In instances in which that does not occur, legal action must be taken to hold the offending party accountable.

At the Law Office of James A. Podgorny, we understand many divorcees depend on their ex-spouse to follow their divorce agreement and that their failure to do so can jeopardize a family's financial well-being. We also know life changes often necessitate alterations to divorce agreements. In both cases, you can depend on us to deliver swift, aggressive action to get the results you need.

Modifying Divorce Agreements

Dramatic changes sometimes occur in the lives of former spouses, including a loss or reduction of employment, which can impact an individual's ability to pay child support or spousal maintenance (alimony). In these cases, it is allowable and reasonable for the affected party to request a modification that reflects their current financial situation. In addition, when an individual who receives support payments sees a dramatic rise in income, the person who pays support may ask for a modification to reduce their obligation. 

Parents can also request changes to their allocation of parental responsibilities (custody), including those who wish to relocate significantly outside of their current area with their child. The court will assess the stated reasons for the move and the impact on parenting time and the child's quality of life to determine if it is in the best interests of the child.

If you believe you need a modification to your current divorce order, first discuss your concerns with the Law Office of James A. Podgorny. We can examine your situation to see if it qualifies for a change. If it does, we will file a motion with the court to schedule a hearing, where we will provide evidentiary support for your claim.

Divorce Decree Enforcement

If your former spouse has not followed your divorce agreement as required, you should act promptly. Sometimes, there are simple misunderstandings that can be resolved quickly. In cases of deliberate non-payment and non-adherence that impacts your daily life, the Law Office of James A. Podgorny is prepared to file a petition for contempt of court against your ex-spouse to compel their compliance.

If your former spouse refuses to follow your divorce decree, do not wait for them to alter their behavior while you suffer. Let us handle the matter through the court to ensure these actions are permanently corrected.

Contact an Oak Forest Divorce Modification Lawyer

Life brings constant change, and sometimes your divorce agreement must change with it. The Law Office of James A. Podgorny is ready to act quickly to see that your needs are met. Contact an Oak Lawn divorce attorney at 708-448-5297 for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout Will County, Oak Lawn, Crestwood, Joliet, Palos Park, Palos Hills, Worth, Alsip, and Burbank.

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